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Ultimate Rod Case vs Peak Rod Transport System A SIDE-BY-SIDE COMPARISON

Ultimate Rod Case vs Peak Rod Case Transport

Ultimate Rod Case Information

Designed in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and hand-made in the United States, Ultimate Rod Cases are built from diamond-plated aluminum slabs. Ranging from 2- to 8-rod sizes, with specific designs for fresh and saltwater rods as well as spin rods, no matter where or what you're fishing for, you can trust an Ultimate Rod Case to get your rods there. With enclosed PVC piping on the interior, padded by foam, these cases will ensure your equipment arrives safely where you take it.

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Peak Rod Transport System Information

Located on the north side of the front range, Peak Rod Transport System also sells rod carriers from Colorado. The rear housing box of their rod transport system is made of light aluminum, though the front is just plastic. These cases come in an 8' or 11' option for spin or fly rods, although they don't have anything to latch the rods down once inside the carrier and they have only two compartments for rods.

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Choosing the Right Fly Rod Carrier

To help you become more familiar with the Ultimate Rod Case and the Peak Rod Transport System fly rod carriers, we've put together a list of features below:

Ultimate Rod Case Product Features

  • Diamond-Plated Aluminum Exterior
  • 2-, 4- and 8-Rod Options
  • Designs for Spin Rods, as well as for Salt and Freshwater Fly Rods
  • One-Of-A-Kind Airbrush Finishing

Peak Rod Transport System Product Features

  • 8' or 11' options
  • Light aluminum and plastic exterior
  • 2 plastic slots for rods
  • Can hold spin or fly rods