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Ultimate Rod Case vs Thule Rod Carrier A SIDE-BY-SIDE COMPARISON

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Ultimate Rod Case 4 Rod Fly Rod Case

The Ultimate Rod Case is the last fly rod carrier you will have to buy, ever. The robust design and customizable exterior color or powder coat options make this rod carrier not only a great rod carrier keep your rods safe from the elements, but also, the most stylish on the road. From the optimizable rod capacities, options of spin, spey, and fly fishing rods, every inch of the Ultimate Rod Case construction is under intense scrutiny to ensure only the highest quality rod carrier’s leave our U.S. factories. Not only are the Ultimate Rod Cases incredibly customizable and well-built, they also sport several options making them the perfect rod carrier for any occasion. Randing from two, to four, and even eight rod carriers, Ultimate Rod Case has a carrier to fit your needs. So look no further for a made in the U.S. and engineered to the extreme robust fly rod carrier design.

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THULE RodVault 2

The THULE RodVault 2 is an awesome fly rod carrier option. The RodVault 2 features air-craft grade aluminum design gives the fly rod carrier a sleek finish, while the nylon reel case ensures protection of your fly fishing reels day in and day out. Whether it’s their high-quality materials, their guide and tip protection inside the rod tubing, or the stabilizing mounting structure, the THULE Rod Vault 2 is built for action. The RodVault 2 can safely transport up to two 10’ rods fully assembled to and from the river. The durable and heavy-duty THULE RodVault 2 also offers a universal mounting system with securing clamps to ensure that the position of the rod vault won’t shift while in transit. The THULE RodVault 2 is a great alternative for individuals looking for a rod carrier also as good as an Ultimate Rod Case. Unfortunately though, in the final comparison, the Ultimate Rod Case still remains reigning champ with their rugged design, U.S. manufacturing, and customizable options.

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Choosing the Right Fly Rod Carrier

To help you become more familiar with the Ultimate Rod Case and THULE brands of fly rod carriers, we've put together a list of features below:

Ultimate Rod Case Product Features

  • Stainless Steel Hinges
  • Aluminum Locks
  • Holds 4-10’ Fly Rods
  • Hand-Packed and Insulated Rod Tubing

THULE Product Features

  • Aluminum Design
  • Nylon Reel Housing
  • Hold 2- 10’ Fly Rods
  • Polypropylene Lined Rod Tubes