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Ultimate Rod Case vs Trxstle Rod Carrier A SIDE-BY-SIDE COMPARISON

Ultimate Rod Carrier vs Trxstle camparison image

Ultimate Rod Case 4 Rod Fly Rod Case

The Ultimate Rod Case is the last fly rod carrier you will have to buy, ever. The rugged materials and durable design ensure that not only will our fly rod carrier keep your rods safe from the elements, but our carriers are built to last the test of time. From the made in the U.S. construction, to the 16 gauge aluminum pressed together to form the exterior, every inch of the Ultimate Rod Case construction is under intense scrutiny to ensure only the highest quality rod carrier’s leave our U.S. factories. Not only are the Ultimate Rod Cases incredibly durable and well-built, they also sport several options making their design more customizable than the competition. From two rod carriers, to four rod carriers, and even eight rod carriers, Ultimate Rod Case has a carrier to fit your needs. So look no further for a made in the U.S. and engineered to the extreme robust fly rod carrier design.

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TRXSTLE is a newly designed upward fly-rod carrier which advertises a rigid plastic reel housing, durable aluminum rod tubing, and an adjustable length to fit any vehicle. The TRXSTLE fly rod carrier is a two rod carrier with convenient storage for fly rods and easy mounting hardware. While the structure of the carrier appears secure and may be lighter than others, the protection from the elements such as hail, rain, etc. leaves room to be desired. On the other hand, the “no snag” reel design and ability to transform the carrier into a backpack option does give some flexibility for those wishing to carry their rods not only on their vehicle, but on their back as well. While the TRXSTLE rod carrier is a new system that may one day offer a more durable and rigid design, for today, the Ultimate Rod Case still appears to be a more sturdy option for adventurers looking to fish high alpine lakes or driving through rough terrain.

TRXSTLE CRC System V2.0 Fly Rod Carrier image

Choosing the Right Fly Rod Carrier

To help you become more familiar with the Ultimate Rod Case and TRXSTLE brands of fly rod carriers, we've put together a list of features below:

Ultimate Rod Case Product Features

  • Stainless Steel Hinges
  • Aluminum Locks
  • Holds 4-10’ Fly Rods
  • Hand-Packed and Insulated Rod Tubing

TRXSTLE Product Features

  • Secure Mounting Clamps
  • Reel Housing Padding
  • Fly Rod Liners
  • Collapsible Design